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Introducing the Grab Bag

Michel de Montaigne is often referred to as an essayist, but that word did not have much meaning before Montaigne. Sarah Bakewell notes, "Essayer, in French, means simply to try. To essay something is to test or taste it, or give it a whirl." That is the essence of Montaigne's lively "essays."

I often hesitate to write posts because I don't have time to flesh arguments out fully or to edit for style and content. Taking a cue from Montaigne, and in the spirit of making more little bets, I've decided to introduce a new type of post. Meet the Grab Bag - a collection of semi-formed, perhaps ill-thought ideas that may one day become full-blown posts.

Be forewarned. As Bakewell writes, "the Essays have no great meaning, no point to make, no argument to advance. It does not have designs on you; you can do as you please with it." Do as you please with the Grab Bag, and we'll see together what becomes of it!

You can read the first edition here.

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